Friday, July 30, 2010

Madurai New Airport Terminal - But not international yet

The newly constructed terminal in Madurai airport will be inaugurated on second week of August and will be ready for use in September 2010. This much needed project would help the development of Madurai and surrounding areas. I don’t know the reason why this terminal as of now would not be operated as an international terminal. The Aviation Minister announced that Madurai might become an international airport in near future provided more airlines and passengers use the airport.

           Is it the right decision?  When this project was initially announced, the plan was to make Madurai as an international airport. Is passengers traffic significantly reduced later? What made the ministry to reevaluate their decisions? It’s a fact that 40 percentage of the passengers traveling to and from Chennai are from Madurai area. So making Madurai as an International airport is a must thing to do. I don’t agree with the ministry that More Airlines should service Madurai to make this as an international airport. Forgive me I am wrong. Should it be cleared by the ministry to operate Customs and Immigration facilities in the airport and announce this as an international airport, so that Airlines would consider operating more service to Madurai? This is now up to the state government to push for it. Lets hope “Madurai International Airport” dream becomes reality.

Update: Madurai airport is permitted to have customs counter. Steps are undertaken to implement customs counter. The next step would be to acquire the permission to have immigration counter. Once these counters set up, Madurai airport soon will be Madurai International Airport.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chennai desalination plant

Chennai desalination plant is going to operate starting from July 31, 2010. This project was under construction for last 3 years. Finally it is ready to serve Chennai. Lets hope that this project would be successful and solve Chennai's water problem, Although this project alone can not solve the water problem. But the project's success would encourage the government to implement more projects like this. This plant cost is Rs.400 Crores and this would supply 100 million liters drinking water to Chennai.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Srilankan Tamil and Tamil Film Industry

    I read an article which mentioned that Tamil Film Actors/Actress are planning to visit Sri Lankan tamils. In a way, it's a good thing to do. These things should not be done for publicity. If these guys are really interested in doing something for the tamils, do without announcing it big.Why there is so much controversies to do something good.

    I have recently read that Asin visited war affected areas in Sri Lanka and Tamil Film Association had decided to take actions against her. Wait a minute!!! Haven't these film association guys decided to go to Sri Lanka after She went there. Why is this contradiction? Is it because she caught the limelight first by going there without telling them? Can they really take any actions at all against any actors/actresses? I couldn't remember anyone get affected by their actions. There were so many publicity stunts happened in Tamilnadu because of the arrogant Srilankan Government.

    Enough is Enough. Help Sri Lankan tamils. Don't gain from them. All I can ask from these guys, please don't make fun of these poor people and help them and make sure they get your help. Bye.. Vazhga Tamil... Vazharga Tamil Makkal

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rameswaram - (not) well known beauty

Rameswaram is famous for the temple among Hindus all over the world. It is one of the four places for Char Dham pilgrimages and Char Dham yatra doesn't complete unless Rameswaram is visited. This is the place where Lord Rama built Ram Setu bridge to Sri Lanka according to Hindu legends. This article is not to discuss about its holiness.There are more reasons to visit this place other than for prayers.

Top Places

  • Rameswaram Temple - Visit the temple for its famous pillared corridor consisting of granite pillars, richly carved and well proportioned. Don't forget to taste 22 tirthas(water well), each of which taste differently.

  •  Hanuman Temple - Visit this temple to watch floating stones.Yes, the stones really float on water. Hindus believe that these stones are used by Lord Rama to build Ram Sedu  Bridge. People believe that floating stones are blessed by God for their unique characteristics. There is no scientifically proven reason yet for this stone's behaviour.

  • Dhanuskodi - This is was a small fishermen's village and washed away by 1964 cyclone. There is no tourist places to visit here but this place itself. It's gorgeous place where India's southern land tip ends and merges with Bay of Bengal.


  •  Pamban Bridge - The rail bridge which connects Pamban Island to mainland India is the  first sea bridge. It was an architecture marvel in that era. This bridge used by the trains would be raised to let ships pass under the bridge.

  • Kurusadai Island - This Island lies to the west of the  Pamban Bridge  between the mainland and the island.  It is a Marine Biosphere, a paradise for the Marine Biologists and nature lovers.   Marine wealth are abound here which attract many a scholars and researchers to this Island. You can rent a boat to visit this place.
  • Sea World Aquarium - Just opposite the Rameswaram Bus Stand, one can catch a quick glimpse of an assortment of underwater creatures in their near natural habitat in the Sea World Aquarium.
  •  Beaches - Rameswaram is a famous for its coral reef because of that, beaches are very clear.  Waves on these beaches are very small which makes it to feel like a big lake. Don't forget to take a dip.

  • Sea Food - Fishing is a major professional for many of the locals and it's their only one source of income. Don't miss the fresh sea foods available here. The below picture is a gorgeous view of the fishermen's place in Rameswaram.

I have been to Rameswaram several time. Each time I wonder how this place is not famous for its beauty but only for God. I feel that this place should be promoted as top tourist destination in Tamilnadu.