Every place has it's own history. Each place is unique in certain way and full details of that place are not known to outsiders, sometimes even for the people of the place. This blog intention is to bring as much information as possible about a particular place and its history. I might miss certain details in my blogs, please feel free to leave your comments and I will update the blog with those details if it proves to be right.

If you ever wonder why the name "chennaitian", then please read further. When I started my work in Chennai, I was awestruck by the energy it had, still has, on the backdrop of cultural heritage. In this city only, you can see how the current technology world can mingle with ancient civilization. Here in this city, you can find thousand years old temples along with one year old IT headquarters. I am a kind of a guy who wants to adapt technology without damaging cultural heritage and I believe heritage can only be maintained by knowing one's roots and the history happened at their places. When I thought of writing about places and history, I couldn't choose better name than chennaitian. I could have selected some historical name, but I want the name to be unique like the city Chennai.