Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tamil Brahmi inscriptions near Madurai

Significant number of Tamil Brahmi inscriptions were found nearer to Madurai. These inscriptions are dated to 1st Century BCE. The following locations are some of the places where you can find these important monuments.
  • Yanaimalai - Jain sculptures, Jain caves and beds
  • Varichiyur -  Udayagiriswarar and Asthagiriswarar cave temples
  • Thiruvadavur - Jain beds
  • Kongarpuliankulam - Jain beds, 10th century BCE Mahaveer sculpture
  • Mangulam- Jain bed
  • Arittapatti - Cave temple
  • Muthupatti Hill - Jain beds, free-standing sculpture, pre-historic paintings
  • Sittannavasal - Cave temple, Jain beds, Mural paintings, Natural cavern, urn burials, cists spread.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our History - Ignored and Forgotten

              Are we ignoring our ancient roots? Are we lagging in marketing skills to promote our culture? Why our ancient history and architectural skills have been ignored by our own people and the western world?
              Our ancestors built the biggest and the beautiful temples which are competitive to Roman and Egyptian architectures. But these temples have not got the fame as Roman and Egyptian monuments. Why these temples are not well-known to the western world and the so-called modern India.Why are we chasing behind western cultures?
              How many of our families and friends know about how much efforts and wealth poured in to building these wonders and the importance of these temples? Why Taj Mahal is very famous than Thanjavur big temple? No offense against Taj Mahal.
             When there was a poll for seven wonders of the world, people were promoting Madurai Meenakshi Temple, not Thanjavur Brihadeeswara temple. Why?
             The big temple in Thanjavur  was built 1000 years ago and mostly constructed with one of the hardest rocks on the earth, Granite. Have you ever imagine how our ancestors cut these rocks with out any modern day tools?
             This temple is made up of 130,000 tons of granite, enough to build the great pyramid of Gaza. There was no source for granite nearer to this temple. The nearest one is Narthamalai, 69 kilo meters(approximately 50 miles) from this temple. How in the world, our respected ancestors moved these many tons of granite to this temple?
             The kalash of the temple was built with 40 tons of granite. How could the builders put this enormous stone at 60 meters height?
             If you can imagine how these things were achieved thousand years ago before Europeans and other western civilizations were struggling to find their grounds, you will understand and respect our ancestors, their skills and their braveness to do the things that were impossible at their time.
            So If you ever visit a temple, DO NOT RUN TO THE DEITIES AND LEAVE THE TEMPLE. Just stop and take your time to admire the works done by your predecessors. You would definitely ask more and more questions like I did here. These questions and the answers you find would make you to realize how lucky you are to come from the one of the oldest civilization in the world. This is one way to make tributes to our ancestors and their works.

The lost temples of India would blow your mind away.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My quest ended here - Varalaaru.com

             When I read my first historical novel "Yavana Rani", I was astonished about the histories that were happened in our lands. It made me to read more historical novels like "Ponniyin Selvan", "Sivagamiyin Sabatham", "Parthiban Kanavu", "Vengaiyiin Mainthan". After reading all these novels, I realized something was bothering me about the things that were described in these novels. Land, People, Culture, Love, Braveness and Beauty explained in these novels made me to wonder about the way my ancestors lived in this land. Were these things real? How do I find out? How can I believe these stuffs? Even some authors added few fictional characters to their novels, at least main characters in these novels should be real. Is there way to find out about these personnel? Either I could go to places mentioned in these novels and find out the the inscriptions in the temples OR I could read some documents which are based on the inscriptions. I can not try the first options right now, may be later. But the second option is possible one. And that one is http://www.varalaaru.com
                If you are like me to know your roots, then this is the website. I was going through some articles and came across this web site, it is really good one. The information provided here is unimaginable. Please go through this web site, you will know what I am talking about.You can find the famous historical novels here.

Tamil Historical Novels

Here is my bucket list of Tamil historical novels. I might add more novels to this list, if I get to know more.

Please click  here for full list of tamil historical novels.

  1. Yavana Rani
  2. Kadal pura
  3. Raja Mudhirai
  1. Ponniyin Selvan
  2. Sivagamiyin Sabadham
  3. Parthiban Kanavu
  1. Vengaiyin Maindhan
  2. Vettri Thiru Nagar
  3. Kayal Vizhi
  1. Nandhipurathu Nayagi
  2. Vandhiyathevan Vaal
  3. Kulothungan Sabatham
Kannadasan - Cheramaan Kadhali

S.venkatesan -
Kaval Kottam

Balakumaran -

Anuskha Venkatraman -
Kaviri Mainthan

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pray for IPv6

Lets celebrate World IPv6 day and wish for successful implementation of IPv6. Why is it very important? Internet ran out of addresses and needs more addresses for future use. Each and every websites, computers, smart phone and any other web enabled devices need an address like you and me. That address is  IP address. If IP addresses ran out,  then you can not introduce any new website, computer, smart phone or any other web enabled device to web.
So what? If more addresses needed, Shouldn't be easy to just give more? No, it's not that easy. The protocol so far used needs to be replaced by new protocol which can support enormous number of IP addresses. IPv6 is the new protocol. Changing to this new protocol needs co-ordinated efforts from each and every companies involved in providing internet service world wide. This day is from companies to test the co-ordinated transition from IPv4 to IPv6.
You would not see any differences when you access your favorite web sites unless you are among the estimated 0.05 percent of users who might have problems. If you are worried about your heaven(web access), then try testing your connection here. http://ipv6test.google.com/

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

H1B Visa + Online income = Trouble

I came across an article which made me aware of the issues related to H1B visa and earning income through Online.
If you are on H1B visa working in US, then you are not allowed to earn income through any means other than your employer and the investments you made. If you do so, then your legal status would be in trouble. Even though you are not working for any employer, the online earnings such as Adsense considered to be an income from other source than your employer which is not allowed.

Please do not consider this blog as legal advice and not take any actions based on this post. This is just a warning about earning income from other sources while you are working on H1B visa. Please discuss with your immigration attorney and take actions as necessary.

Aaranya Kandam - Movie preview

I believe this will be the best movie directed by S.P.Charan till now. The trailer is very promising. From the glimpse of the trailer, I could say, it's all about Chennai's underworld but presented in different way. The things that would differentiate this movie from other run of the mill movies are presentation and story telling perspective. Definitely this movie created lot of buzz when the trailer got released. Tamil movie goers are eagerly waiting for this movie for a long time now as the movie was initially refused by the state censor board and now approved by the central board after the film crew agreed to take out few scenes from the movie.

Now this movie will be releasing on June 10, 2011 and do not forget to watch.

Caution: This movie is not for children and light hearted people.

You can watch the trailer here.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Investing secret revealed

I always wonder why NRIs buy houses in US instead of buying in India. I want to know buying a house in US is financially beneficial or it's the feeling about owning a house in US makes the people to buy over there. I was in a quest to find that answer and found it. So here I present my findings.

Lets assume I am a guy who has $60,000 in cash. I could either buy a home or rent a house in US. Which option would be beneficial for me after 10 years. Lets analyze each option one by one.

Buying a home:

       Note: All values are average and assumed values.
                                       Home Cost - $200,000          Down Payment - $50,000

                                       Loan Amount - $150,000       Loan term - 30 Years            Interest Rate - 6%

          For this, my monthly  home loan premium would be $899.33. Adding home insurance($850/year), property tax($2500/year) and maintenance($2000/year) would bring my monthly total premium amount to $1345 per month.
          Total Housing expenses for 10 years = 1345 * 12 * 10
                                                                 = $161,400

On top of this, adding the down payment($50,000), selling cost($16127) and move in expenses($10,000),  my total investment and expenses on my house would be $237,527.

       Home value appreciated after 10 years - $268,783 (3% appreciation per year)
       Tax benefits in 10 years                        - $   35,876
       Total value after10 years                     $304,659

       Total Gain after 10 years = 67,132 (304659 - 237527)

So total gain is $67132. After 10 years, the remaining loan principal amount is $125799. So deducting gain from this amount gives how much amount I spent on housing to provide the roof for my family.

Total amount spent on housing for 10 years when I own a house = $58,667 (125799 - 67132).

Renting a house and investing in India:

For $1000 monthly rent with $25/month renter insurance and 3% rent increase yearly, the total rent amount paid in 10 years would be $141,286. (average monthly rent $1177).

The investment amount I have is $60,000 which is used for $50,000 down payment and $10,000 move in expenses.
Most of the properties in major cities in India appreciate 12% each year. Then in this case, my land investment would have gained almost 300% in 10 years ie. $186,351.

Total amount spent on housing for 10 years when I rent a house = $141,286 - $186,351= $-45065.

That means I earned $45065 while renting a house in US.

By renting a house in US and investing in India, I will earn $45065 instead of spending $58667 when I own a house in US. Totally I gained profit of more than $100,000 that is earned amount plus the amount saved on spending.
Addition to this amount, I have additional amount $170 each month ie. monthly owning house expense $1345 - renting house expense $1177).  So yearly I save $2040. If I apply 8% compound interest, then this amount will become $31,917 in 10 years.
In my opinion and research, it becomes very clear that Investing in India is the best option.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You and Cellphone - WHO?

The verdict is out. Prolong cellphone usage increases the risk of cancer, concluded by World Health Organization.
Nowadays cellphone is imminent.  I can not imagine me without cellphone. How about you guys? I believe you also agree with me. So, what we could do to reduce the risk. There are few guidelines which would possibly reduce the risk

  • Use a wired headset
  • Possible use your land-line phone.
  • Make a good use of Speaker phone
  • Wear the Bluetooth only when you use it
  • Do not keep the cell phone very close to your body
  • Send text messages