Friday, June 10, 2011

My quest ended here -

             When I read my first historical novel "Yavana Rani", I was astonished about the histories that were happened in our lands. It made me to read more historical novels like "Ponniyin Selvan", "Sivagamiyin Sabatham", "Parthiban Kanavu", "Vengaiyiin Mainthan". After reading all these novels, I realized something was bothering me about the things that were described in these novels. Land, People, Culture, Love, Braveness and Beauty explained in these novels made me to wonder about the way my ancestors lived in this land. Were these things real? How do I find out? How can I believe these stuffs? Even some authors added few fictional characters to their novels, at least main characters in these novels should be real. Is there way to find out about these personnel? Either I could go to places mentioned in these novels and find out the the inscriptions in the temples OR I could read some documents which are based on the inscriptions. I can not try the first options right now, may be later. But the second option is possible one. And that one is
                If you are like me to know your roots, then this is the website. I was going through some articles and came across this web site, it is really good one. The information provided here is unimaginable. Please go through this web site, you will know what I am talking about.You can find the famous historical novels here.

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