Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pray for IPv6

Lets celebrate World IPv6 day and wish for successful implementation of IPv6. Why is it very important? Internet ran out of addresses and needs more addresses for future use. Each and every websites, computers, smart phone and any other web enabled devices need an address like you and me. That address is  IP address. If IP addresses ran out,  then you can not introduce any new website, computer, smart phone or any other web enabled device to web.
So what? If more addresses needed, Shouldn't be easy to just give more? No, it's not that easy. The protocol so far used needs to be replaced by new protocol which can support enormous number of IP addresses. IPv6 is the new protocol. Changing to this new protocol needs co-ordinated efforts from each and every companies involved in providing internet service world wide. This day is from companies to test the co-ordinated transition from IPv4 to IPv6.
You would not see any differences when you access your favorite web sites unless you are among the estimated 0.05 percent of users who might have problems. If you are worried about your heaven(web access), then try testing your connection here.

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