Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our History - Ignored and Forgotten

              Are we ignoring our ancient roots? Are we lagging in marketing skills to promote our culture? Why our ancient history and architectural skills have been ignored by our own people and the western world?
              Our ancestors built the biggest and the beautiful temples which are competitive to Roman and Egyptian architectures. But these temples have not got the fame as Roman and Egyptian monuments. Why these temples are not well-known to the western world and the so-called modern India.Why are we chasing behind western cultures?
              How many of our families and friends know about how much efforts and wealth poured in to building these wonders and the importance of these temples? Why Taj Mahal is very famous than Thanjavur big temple? No offense against Taj Mahal.
             When there was a poll for seven wonders of the world, people were promoting Madurai Meenakshi Temple, not Thanjavur Brihadeeswara temple. Why?
             The big temple in Thanjavur  was built 1000 years ago and mostly constructed with one of the hardest rocks on the earth, Granite. Have you ever imagine how our ancestors cut these rocks with out any modern day tools?
             This temple is made up of 130,000 tons of granite, enough to build the great pyramid of Gaza. There was no source for granite nearer to this temple. The nearest one is Narthamalai, 69 kilo meters(approximately 50 miles) from this temple. How in the world, our respected ancestors moved these many tons of granite to this temple?
             The kalash of the temple was built with 40 tons of granite. How could the builders put this enormous stone at 60 meters height?
             If you can imagine how these things were achieved thousand years ago before Europeans and other western civilizations were struggling to find their grounds, you will understand and respect our ancestors, their skills and their braveness to do the things that were impossible at their time.
            So If you ever visit a temple, DO NOT RUN TO THE DEITIES AND LEAVE THE TEMPLE. Just stop and take your time to admire the works done by your predecessors. You would definitely ask more and more questions like I did here. These questions and the answers you find would make you to realize how lucky you are to come from the one of the oldest civilization in the world. This is one way to make tributes to our ancestors and their works.

The lost temples of India would blow your mind away.

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