Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tamil Brahmi inscriptions near Madurai

Significant number of Tamil Brahmi inscriptions were found nearer to Madurai. These inscriptions are dated to 1st Century BCE. The following locations are some of the places where you can find these important monuments.
  • Yanaimalai - Jain sculptures, Jain caves and beds
  • Varichiyur -  Udayagiriswarar and Asthagiriswarar cave temples
  • Thiruvadavur - Jain beds
  • Kongarpuliankulam - Jain beds, 10th century BCE Mahaveer sculpture
  • Mangulam- Jain bed
  • Arittapatti - Cave temple
  • Muthupatti Hill - Jain beds, free-standing sculpture, pre-historic paintings
  • Sittannavasal - Cave temple, Jain beds, Mural paintings, Natural cavern, urn burials, cists spread.

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