Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sittannavasal: A place of pre-historic man

  • The megalithic monuments such as stone-circles, urn burials and cists spread in the plains of this village testify that this area was inhabited by pre-historic man.
  • The mural paintings of 9th Century A.D. in the Jaina rock-cut cave temple called Arivar Koil, second only to Ajanta Cave paintings.
  • The rock beds of Jaina ascetics in the natural cavern called Ezhadippattam.
  • Tamil brahmi inscriptions belonging to the 1st Century B.C.
  • A small rock-cut temple called Navahchunai, located north of the natural cavern.
       Tamil Brahmi Inscriptions:

Tamil Brahmi Inscriptions

        Cave Paintings:

Sittannavasal Paintings

Sittannavasal Paintings

Sittannavasal Paintings

Sittannavasal Paintings

  • Pudukottai District, Tamilnadu, INDIA
  • 12 kilometers north-west of Pudukkottai, in the Pudukkottai– Annavasal route.
  • 2 Kilometers before the Pudukottai-Annavasal road, Take a diversion to the right, an arch would welcome you. 

Map of Sittannavasal:

Map of Sittannavasal

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