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Thirukoshtiyur - Gods gathering place

Sri Sowmya Narayana Perumal Thirukovil

  • This temple is called as Sri Sowmya Narayana Perumal Thirukovil.
  • This temple should have been estabilished beore 7th Century CE as there is no inscriptions or documents saying when this temple was built. This temple Lord has been sung by Periyalwar, Thirumangai Alwar, Poothatalwar,Thirumalisaialwar and Peyalwar. So I assume this temple should have been estabilished before 7th Century CE.

    Sri Sowmya Narayana Perumal Thirukovil
  • The Other Mandapams of the temple has been built by the later Pandia Kings, Vanathirayars, the Naickers of Tanjore and tha Ekadesi mandapam by the Nagarathars.
  • Lord Narashimhar statues at Sorkavasal are sigle stone statues and aged more than thousand years.
  • This is a place of trinity. This temple has shrines for Lord Siva, Brahma and Vishnu.

  • This is one of the 108 divya desams in India.
  • Sri Ramanujar learned Thirumandiram and preached to the people.

    Sri Sowmya Narayana Perumal Thirukovil
  • Three gods Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu gathered at this place to plan the destruction of Eraniyan. That's why this place is named as (thiru+koshti+yur).
  • Lord Vishnu appears in five postures(Dancing, Sleeping, Standing, Sitting, Walking).

  • The temple towers never cast shadows.
  • People can climb through the stairs of temple shrine and reach the top most layer from which Ramanuja preached the sacred words.

  • Thirukoshtiyur, Sivaganag District, Tamilnadu, INDIA
  • Tirupathur to Sivaganga road, 9 kilometers from Tirupathur.
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