Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thirupaingili - The South Kailash

Thirupainjali Temple - Raja Gopuram - Unfinished


  • This temple is called as Melai Chidambaram and South Kailash.
  • This temple is one of the Padal Pettra Sthalangal(Thevaram temples).
  • Lord Shiva cave shrine is constructed by Mahendravarma Pallava during 640 CE.
  • Stone inscriptions of Rajendra Chola I and Rajathi Rajan I are available here.
  • Wall of this temple is built with stones having tigen skin pattern.
  • Lord Shiva is in the form of Suyambu lingam.
  • Rajagopuram is not fully constructed, Sundara Pandiyan started the work.
  • Separate temple for Ravanan. 
  • Yama theertham and Kalyana theertham are here. People will conquer their fear of death if they drink the yama theertham here.Marriage hurdles can be overcome by drinking Kalyana theertham.
  • There is a fresh water spring near to this temple.
Ravanan temple


  • Neelivaneswarar
  • Visalakshi Ambal


  • Thirupanjali(Thirupagneeli), Mannachanallur, Trichy 

Temple timings: 6AM - 12:30 PM 4PM - 8 PM.


  1. A Thevaram Temple ? It certainly is old enough to be

  2. Yes, Injamaven. It's a Thevaram temple. I missed that important information. Thanks.

  3. know anything about the Mahendra cave? Does it have another name?

  4. Sorry Injamaven.. I don't have much information.. I will try to get it..This cave temple is called as "gunabaram" if it anyway helps...