Monday, July 18, 2011

Tiruchuli - Connect with your ancestors

  • This temple's God enshrined here before 8th Century CE, one of the oldest temple in Tamilnadu.
  • It is among the 14 famous Shaiva centres in Pandya nadu.
  • This temple has been venerated in the hymns sung by Shaivites Nayanar Sundaramoorthy, Manikkavachakar and Sekkilar.
  • The god in this temple is worshipped by all of the 63 Saivites in Tamil Nadu.
Bhuminathaswamy temple - Sannathi
  • All 63 saivities have their own statues here.
  • The boundary walls constructed during the reign of Muthuramalinga Setupati.
  • Pallimadam is a nearby village where Sundra Pandya 10 Century CE died and his brother Vira Pandya erected a sepulchral shrine (pallipadai) over his grave. This sepulchral temple called Kalainathaswamy Kovil is the only one of its kind in Pandya nadu. Pallipadai became Pallimadam in later years.
  • Sri Ramana Maharishi was born in Tiruchuli. His ashram was established here in 1988.
  • Swamy Vivekananda stayed in this temple for three days.
  • Amavasai(new moon) is a auspicious day on which people pay homages to their ancestors. Among all new moon days in a year, Adi Amavasai(New moon on tamil month Aadi) considered to be very special day.
  • Bhuminathar, Thunaimalai Amman
Bhuminathaswamy temple pillars
  • Legends speak of Bhuminatha (Lord of the Earth), as Lord Siva, saving the land from a deluge on three separate occasions. By planting his trident into the earth, Shiva created a hole for the water to flow into. At the place where he planted his trident stands the large temple of Bhuminatheswarar.
  • Tiruchuli, Aruppukottai, Virudhunagar District, Tamilnadu, INDIA.
  • 15 Kilometers east from Aruppukottai.
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  1. Adding a google map location for the temple is good.

    Though photos are good, I think the photo of the temple gopuram is a must in every temple photo album.

    The fact that Swami vivekananda stayed here for 3 days, is interesting.

  2. Thank Venkatachalam. I will update the post with Gopuram photo.