Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Srilankan Tamil and Tamil Film Industry

    I read an article which mentioned that Tamil Film Actors/Actress are planning to visit Sri Lankan tamils. In a way, it's a good thing to do. These things should not be done for publicity. If these guys are really interested in doing something for the tamils, do without announcing it big.Why there is so much controversies to do something good.

    I have recently read that Asin visited war affected areas in Sri Lanka and Tamil Film Association had decided to take actions against her. Wait a minute!!! Haven't these film association guys decided to go to Sri Lanka after She went there. Why is this contradiction? Is it because she caught the limelight first by going there without telling them? Can they really take any actions at all against any actors/actresses? I couldn't remember anyone get affected by their actions. There were so many publicity stunts happened in Tamilnadu because of the arrogant Srilankan Government.

    Enough is Enough. Help Sri Lankan tamils. Don't gain from them. All I can ask from these guys, please don't make fun of these poor people and help them and make sure they get your help. Bye.. Vazhga Tamil... Vazharga Tamil Makkal

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