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Azhagar Kovil - Lord Meenakshi's brother

Alagar Kovil - Main Gopuram

  • It is one of the 108 divya desams.
  • This temple belongs to third or fourth century CE based on the construction style.
  • It is believed that pilgrims visited this temple even during the early days of Sangam age.
  • Around this temple and in Alagar malai(hill), many Jain caves and inscription were found.
  • Silapathikaram written in third century CE has references to this temple.
  • There is a fort wall surrounding this temple which is in ruined condition and hardly noticeable.
    There are very few rocks remaining in a place which is called as Chola Mandapam. 
  • The main tower might have been built by the Pandya kings. There is another tower which is unfinished on southern side of the temple.
  • This temple was patronized by son of Kulasekara pandyan and by Madurai Nayaks. The golden vimana of this temple was done by Jatavarman Sundara pandyan.
  • Lord Vishnu resides here as a brother of Meenakshi.
  • During the divine marriage of Lord Sundareeswarar and Meenakshi every year, devotees carry Lord Azhagar from Alagar kovil to Madurai.
  • This temple is also famous for its shrine of Pathinettampadi Karuppa Swamy. This deity receives the first visit by the pilgrims as this shrine considered to be guard deity. The pooja is not performed for this deity instead it is performed for the closed doors of the sanctum. The tower at Karupana Swamy shrine is opened only once a year, Aadi Pathinettu(18th days of Tamil month Aadi) and it’s believed that Chakrathalvar passes through the door.
  • This place surrounded with dense forest is also known for natural springs called Silamboru and Noopura Gangai. Tamilnadu agricultural department has reserved certain part of the hill to grow herbal plants.
  • There is another legend that this temple’s lord travelled to Thenur, 20 kilometers from Madurai, to redeem the curse of Mandoga munivar. The curse was imposed on Mandoga munivar by Durvasar Maharisi as Mandoga munivar did not pay heed to Durvasar. Till Nayak regimes, this function was celebrated at Thenur. During Thirumalai Nayak period, this celebration was transferred to Madurai and now it’s celebrated along with Meenakshi marriage. The place where this Mandoga rishi relieving festival celebrated now is called Thenur Mandapam. Still you can find evidences at Thenur that this festival was celebrated at this village.
  • Chithirai festival brings huge crowd to Madurai every year.
  • This temple is located on the foothill of Alagar malai. Six kilometers from this temple, on the hill,  Pazhamudircholai one of the six abodes of Lord Muruga is located.
  • God:Azhgaror Paramaswamy or Sundararajan
  • Goddess: Kalyana Sundaravalli
  • Located 21 Kilometers from Madurai. 
  • One route is from Mattuthavani bus stand, catch 120 feet road to join Alagar Koyil Road.  
  • Another route is on Madurai-Trichy road, catch Melur-Alagar Koyil road at Melur.
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