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Ariyakudi – Rare Perumal and the musician

Ariyakudi Tiruvenkatamudayan temple
  • This temple is more than 100 years old, one of the recently built vast temple complex.
  • Ariyakudi means rare land. That’s because the temple works started by bringing things from Tiupati and Tirumayam. This temple is also known as Thentirupati.
  • Perumal is a Swayambumurthy.
  • The eagle vehicle of Lord Vishnu,Garuda, appears with two lions on each side is the specialty here.
  • This place is the birth place of famous carnatic musician, Sri Ramanuja Iyengar. His house is nearer to the temple and if you are interested in visiting, you can enquire shastris in the temple. I am not sure who is living in the house right now, but at least you could get to see the house.
Ariyakudi Tiruvenkatamudayan temple
  • This temple builder got the vision to build this temple. The builder used to go to Tirupati every year. At his old age, God realized that his devote could not walk to Tirupati anymore and gave him a permission to build a temple to near his place. When the builder was looking for a place to build, he accidently found that tulsi plant and coconut in one place. He started digging this place to build the temple and got the swayambumurthy buried under the ground. The God in the sanctum sanctorum is this swayambumurthy only.
  • God: Tiruvengadam Udayan
  • Goddess: Alarmelmangai, Sridevi, Bhoodevi
Ariyakudi Tiruvenkatamudayan temple - Entrance
Special Prayers:
  • Devotees pray here for marriage, child and academic success.
  • Each month special poojas are performed for Garuda on swati star days.
  • Ariyakudi, Sivaganga District, Tamilnadu, INDIA
  • 5 kilometers from Karaikudi.
  • From Karaikudi, you can catch a bus to Ariyakudi.
Ariyakudi Tiruvenkatamudayan temple - Inside view
  • 6AM-12PM; 4PM-8PM.
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