Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mahalingam Hill - A place for Body and Mind refrehment

Mahalingam hill temple

  • This place is known as Sathuragiri or Chathuragiri otherwise known as Sivanmalai. Sathuragiri means Chatur(four)+Veda+giri(hill), four Vedas came together to form a Hill, according to Siva puranam. Another meaning is Chaturam(square)+giri(hill). This mountain is in the shape of square.
  • In ancient times, it is said Thaanipaarai played host to the ashram of famous sage, Athiri Maharishi and his wife, Anusaya Devi.
  • Lord parvathi prayed Lord Shiva in this hill to become Ardhanari. She made a Prathishtanam of Linga with Sandalwood Paste. That’s why one deity is called as Lord Santhana Mahalingam. And only maharishis perform poojas to the lingam.
  • This hill is very mysterious and spiritual, surrounded by natural beauty. It is believed that saints and siddhars live in this hill and they do poojas in night to Lord Shiva.
  • On the way to main deity, there are so many other shrines on the hill. They are rettail lingam, Pidaladi Karuppar,
  • On the way to the hill up to Sundara Mahalingam temple, there are so many sanctums among which Rettai Lingam, Kora Kunda(Korakkar) and Pilavadi Karuppaswamy are important.
  •  From Sundara Mahalingam to the top of the hill, there are few sanctums are there deep in the forest. Among these Korakkar Scripture Rock, Periya Mahalingam and Thavasi Cave (where it is said that Siddhars are still there and one can enter only with their permission) are important.
  • Be advised that you hike along with group of people. So many dangerous animals are in the dense forest.
  • Aadi amavasai(new moon day on Tamil month Aadi) is important festival day.
  • This temple definitely refresh your body and mind.
Note: Some of the spots are too risky even for experienced hikers. There is no hotel, restaurant, and shop on the hill. Only free food and water service are available for pilgrims at the temple.

  • Lord Santhana Mahalingam
  • Lord Sundara Mahalingam

  • Pilgrims coming from Chennai, has to come to Madurai and get down at Krishnan Koil Bus Stop on the way to Srivilliputhur then go to Watrap (Vatthirairuppu). From Watrap you have to go to Thaniparai, the base of the hill. Buses are available even from Srivilliputhur to Watrap and Thaniparai. Pilgrims travelling from South has to pass Nagercoil – Tirunelveli – Rajapalayam – Srivilliputhur – Watrap -Thaniparai.
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  1. I wonder why when temples are becoming popular and devotees are coming, there are still risky paths.

    Why can't the temple authorities or the govt put some safety structures to prevent any accidents?

    R Venkatachalam

  2. Mr.Venkatachalam, I agree with your suggestion.. I believe you know that sabarimalai is still not accessible to anyone easily as anyone could expect..But there should be at least safety measures if not proper roads..