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Avudayar Koil – The formless ultimate god

Avudayakoil - Gopuram
  • The original shrine was established by Saint Manickavasagar.
  • More than 1200 years old based on the predictions of Manickavasagar’s period and south facing temple which is a rare kind in Siva temples.
  • This temple was called Tiruperundurai, Sathurvedhimangalam and Sivapuram
  • This temple is full of sculptures with minute details and perfect chiseling. Some of the sculptures are Tundi Vinayagar, stone chains, two pillars with thousand legs, 1008 sivalayas god and goddess sculptures, horse sculptures are world-famous.
  • The larger than life monolith figures of Agni and Agora Veerabadras at the entrance and Kaalidevi, Subrahmanya with bow, Bikshadanar, Sankaranarayanar, Urdhuvathandavar, Pasupatheeswarar and Narasimhamurthy are note worthy.
  • Two other sculptures of "Kuravan and Kurathi" exhibits the excellence of the artists for minute details from toe to hair style.
  • Avudayarkoil- Sabthaswara pillars
    Avudayarkoil-Saint sculpture
  • The most awe inspiring work is seen insides of the Canopy and Sun shades known as "Kodungai" which stretches all around the Mandapams. The rafters, tiles, padding with hinges and decorative nails chiseled out of stone looks as though they were done in wood and iron. All over the ceilings are decorated with flowery patterns and stone chain links.
  • Tiyagaraja mandapam of this temple has stone chain and Panjatsara mandapam has Sabthaswara pillars.
  • Thiruvasakam was originated from this shrine.
  • These is no Lingam  in the sanctum. Instead it only has the base, formlessness(Avudayar), which has a metal cover placed on it. This represents formlessness, the absolute ultimate..
  • This temple does not have a Nandhi, Dwajasthambam and Navagraha statues. Instead, Navagrahas are represented as pillars.
  • Utsavamurti of the temple is Manikkavasakar.
  • “Pittukku mann summantha kadhai”(Tiruvilaiyadal puranam) was happened in this location.
  • Pradosam is not celebrated in this temple.
  • Brahma was taught the Gayatri Mantra here by Atmanathar. Hence this place is also called Chaturvedapuram.
Avudayarkoil - horse sculpture
Special Prayers:
  • It is believed that people pray here get blessed to be very intellectual.
  • Avudaayakoil - Ceilings
  • Also people pray for child boon, business and career advancements.
  • God:     Athmanathar
  • Goddess: Yogambal
  • All the festivals are celebrated only for Manikkavasakar.
  • Tirumanjanam on Tamil month Aani
  • Tiruvadirai on Tamil month Margazhi
  • Avudayakoil, Pudukottai District, Tamilnadu, INDIA.
  • 45 Kilometres from Pudukottai; 14 Kilometres from Aranthangi.
Avudayarkoil - Inside - Back view of Agni and Agora Veerabadras
Avudayarkoil-Kurathi sculpture

Temple Timings:
  • 6AM-12PM; 4PM-9PM.
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  1. Since you mentioned sculptures of "Kuravan and Kurathi" are very well done, why you didn't post those photos?

    R Venkatachalam

  2. Mr.Venkatachalam, thank you for your feedback.. I have added Kurathi sculpture to the blog..Apreciate your time, thanks