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Nadi Jyothidam - Astrology at its best

Nadi astrology was written on palm leaves in ancient India. It is mostly prevalent in South India particularly in the Tamilnadu. Its main center is a place called Vaitheerswarankoil near Chidambaram in Tamilnadu. It is also available in some other places of Chennai, Kanchipuram, Salem, Hyderabad/Secunderabad, Tirupati etc. There are many Nadi Grandhas and they are named after Hindu Gods, Sages and Planets such as Mahasiva Nadi, Brugu Nadi, Kowmara Nadi , Koushika Nadi, Vashishta Nadi Agastya Nadi, Sapta Rishi Nadi, SatyaNadi, Chandra Kala Nadi etc. They are available in the languages of Tamil, Sanskrit mainly. The palm leaves are held by certain families who read the results from the palm leaves mostly by taking the thumb impression and some from palm and birth data.

The origin of these leaves can be traced back to approximately 2000 years ago. It is presumed that the Sapta Rishis (Seven Sages) had written the life patterns of each person on palm leaves along with their types of names by their Yogic Powers. It is believed that Sage Agasthya has written these predictions in Tamil. It seems that these Nadis were originally written on animal skins and on leaves and later they were copied on palm leaves. They were preserved by applying oil extracted from peacock's blood. The leaves were found lying idle in Vaitheeswarankoil by about 13th century the forefathers found them realized their values and copied the contents on palm leaves and made exact replica. These leaves have been handed down over generations of one particular community called Valluvar to make predictions. They earned their livelihood through Nadi Astrology. They got trained from their elders to do Nadi reading. The language is poetic and the script is also different. It is the same as in the ancient temples.
The Nadi readers say that people whose leaves are available will somehow come to them at the appropriate age specified on the leaves from any corner of the world. Leaves are there not only for Indians but for foreigners also belonging to other religions. Whoever desires to look into the leaves will go to them on their own accords. The very word Nadi in Tamil means destined. Those who are not destined may not even know such a type of astrology exists. Even the very age when the native is destined to go to them is marked on the leaves.

  • The person needs to take an appointment with the astrologer.
  • Astrologer takes impressions of the right thumb for males and the left thumb for females and asks the person to wait until he calls you.
  • Then the astrologer looks for the palm leaves at his library. It’s not accessible to others. This process might take some time based on the availability of the index leaves.
  • Astrologer tells the person to answer his question either by ‘yes’ or ‘no’. He reads from the leaves in a poetic way and asks few questions. Remember to answer only yes or no. Most of the questions are very generic details about the person and his/her family. That’s why it is better that the person for whom the nadi astrology is being sought is present or at least the person who knows every detail about the consulted person.
  • If he gets ‘No’ to all the leaves of the first bundle, then he goes back into his library and brings another bundle. He continues this process until he finds the correct index leaves. Once he finds the correct index leaves, he goes back to his library to get your exact palm leaves of yours.
  • The astrologer reads in your actual birth date, month and year, the astrological birth chart with position of planets sometimes with lagna, exact names of yourself, parents, wife/ husband, siblings, education, profession and gist of future predictions in a broad way and this is called General Kandam (chapter) of first bhava.
  • Then the astrologer records the same in an audio tape. For other kandams(chapter), the charge will be additional.
Various Kandams:
  • Kandam 1 - Parents names, wife/husband's name, brothers, sisters, maternal uncles, children, profession and general future predictions.
  • Kandam 2 – Money, family, speech, eyes, education.
  • Kandam 3 - Brothers and Sisters
  • Kandam 4 - Mother, House, Lands, Vehicles, Pleasures
  • Kandam 5 – Children, Birth of children, reasons for not having children.
  • Kandam 6 - Enemies, Diseases, Debts, cases in court.
  • Kandam 7 - Marriage, Married life
  • Kandam 8 - Danger to life, longevity, period of death.
  • Kandam 9 - Father, Wealth, luck, Temple devotion to God ,Preaching from Holy man
  • Kandam 10 - Business, Job, Profession
  • Kandam 11 - Gain, Second Marriage.
  • Kandam 12 - Expenditure, Foreign visit, salvation, next birth.
  • Kandam 13 - Shanthi Kandam - Last Birth, Sins committed, remedial measures
  • Kandam 14 - Deekshakandam- Mantra Japam and wearing of talisman(Raksha)
  • Kandam 15 - Avushathakandam Medicines for long standing diseases.
  • Kandam 16 - Dasa Bhuktikandam prediction for the present major and sub period of the planet.
In addition to these, there is also a special chapter for 'Prasna' where any query is answered. Generally Remedial measures are like visiting particular temple, feeding the poor etc,. Corresponding to sins, the remedial measures are suggested.

                If you believe in any kind of astrology, then Nadi astrology is the most perfect form. As the nadi astrologers claim, it can be 99 percent correct. Though some cases are total failures, those might be failure of the particular astrologers not the nadi astrology itself.

References: Pemmaraju V.R.Rayudu‘s articles published on The Times of Astrology magazine.

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